Top-up Food Bank

No referral necessary top-up scheme for community members in need of additional food free of charge.

For those who find themselves in a situation where they require additional food but do not have the means to pay, we are proud to offer a ‘self shop top-up food bank’ service.

We are not a registered Food Bank however we are open to anyone who needs to access this top-up service, a benefit of not being a traditional food bank is that you can visit our storeroom to pick the items you need yourself, rather than receiving a pre-assigned package.

Community members may need to rely on this service if they have been effected by the 20%+ cut in wages from the furlough scheme or if they have been affected by unemployment. Whatever your reason, thanks to our amazing Community Partners & the donations we receive, we are able to support you with a no questions asked approach & no referral needed.

Help us spread the word, someone in your network may be in need – check in on your friends, family & neighbours!

Call 01460 44789 to talk to our Team