Telephone Support Service

Combatting loneliness with regular calls to community members facing isolation or struggling with their Mental Health.

Our outgoing telephone check-ins have proved an essential & rewarding service offered here by BAGN. Our Network of volunteers make weekly calls to community members who are isolated, lonely, vulnerable or anxious.

Many residents signed up to the Telephone Support Service do not have anyone to talk to & this is their only connection to the outside world. Others, who do have friends & family, enjoy the calls as an opportunity to reminisce or share small concerns they do not wish to burden their loved ones with.

At the height of lockdown volunteers were fielding 35 to 40 daily calls, which are often an hour long, from members of the community in need of a friendly ear. Regular communication has continued throughout the changing Covid-19 climate.

Our volunteers & community members have made genuine friendships through this scheme.

Help us spread the word, someone in your network may be in need – check in on your friends, family & neighbours!

Call 01460 77489 to talk to our Team

Extra Support: Our network of volunteers have been trained by Mind in Somerset to ensure that they can identify specific language/behaviour & recommend techniques or further support if needed specifically regarding anxiety & loneliness.