Why Volunteer for BAGN?

Community Support

Help those less fortunate/able in your local area who have been effected by isolation, low income or a difficult situation.

Stay Connected

Meet new friends while providing worthwhile help, many of our volunteer network report making genuine friendships through BAGN.

Personal Growth

Increase self-confidence & sense of pride, expand your network & boost your social skills.

Career Development

Volunteering your time & refining your skill set is a great advantage for your CV & career prospects as it demonstrates commitment & passion for helping others.

Help in a way that suits you

Volunteer for a specific service area if you have a passion you want to lend a hand with. Work closely with our Service Team Leaders to develop your skills in a chosen area.

Volunteer as & where demand needs, communication & jobs delegated through a WhatsApp group where you can respond case by case based on your capacity & availability.

Offer your skill set to advance our organisation. Web designers, Photographers & Videographers have offered their support to assist with ongoing development of BAGN. If you have an idea of how you could help, please contact us!

Complete the contact form below to register your interest in volunteering with us!

Or Call 01460 77489 to talk to our Team