Support for local School Students

We provide high-quality school supplies for local students & families unable to afford it due to any circumstances.

A little extra help to the children of Crewkerne!

For students & families who find themselves in a situation where they cannot afford new essential items for schooling, BAGN can offer help through a Social Care Fund in association with Crewkerne Community Church. We have been working with local Crewkerne Primary & Secondary Schools for many years to provide a new winter coat, pair of shoes or even assist with dinner money in low income households or with any family who finds themselves effected by financial difficulty.

Whether you need a little or a lot, BAGN is here to provide help & to ensure the children of our community do not go without. We pride ourselves on purchasing new high-quality garments to those who simply cannot afford it for their child.

Help us spread the word, someone in your network may be in need – check in on your friends, family & neighbours!

Call 01460 44789 to talk to our Team

We can assist with, but are not limited to, the following:

  • New Coat
  • New Shoes
  • New Uniform
  • Dinner Money